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Ny Times Article about Weight Loss Surgery

11 Mar
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A new review of several large weight loss surgery studies in the New York Times highlights just how effective these operations are at helping people achieve lasting weight loss, improving weight-related health conditions, and even reducing risk of death. The studies provided follow-up of five to 25 years, finding major long-lasting benefits to weight loss […]

Weight is Related to Fertility for Both Parents

10 Feb
pregnancy, fertility

Did you know that achieving a healthy body weight can not only reduce the risks of serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, but it may help reduce the time it takes to achieve pregnancy? Primarily, studies have so far focused on the role of obesity in women when studying its […]

Diet Drinks May Not be Better than Sugary Ones

23 Jan
diet or sugary drinks

Diet soft drinks are often viewed as the ultimate solution to sugar-filled, calorie-laden soda or juice drinks: zero calories with the same soda taste. While it would seem that if something has zero calories, it can help in our weight loss efforts, it isn’t always the case. Recent research from the Imperial College of London […]

What Food do You See?

09 Jul
Food Visibility

Do you find yourself tempted by that vending machine that’s in plain sight from your desk at work? Is a bag of chips left out on the counter too difficult to pass up? Research has shown that people eat more food not only when it’s convenient, but also when it’s visible and nearby. Fitting with […]

Can Weight Loss Surgery Affect Aging?

22 May

One response we hear from our patients is that after losing weight, they feel younger. Is this positive feeling just a ‘feeling’, or is there any science behind this? It turns out that losing weight through bariatric surgery doesn’t just make people feel younger — it may actually rewind genetic signs of aging, according to […]