Dr. Misra has introduced a private line of High Protein Meal Replacement Shakes, Protein Bars, and Nutritional Supplements. Why is she doing this?

Dr. Misra says, “After years of asking my patients to try and find high protein meal replacements and supplements like chewable multivitamins on their own, I got the feedback that this was challenging and often incredibly inconvenient…they were just never sure if what they were buying was a good choice.”

Patients were repeatedly saying me that they were typically finding the products that tasted good were not necessarily healthy choices for them – and they were finding products that were healthy – did not taste good at all.

“At that point I decided to create a high protein meal replacement drink and supplement line that would help my patients succeed on their journeys to lose weight and get healthy. I chose to work with a very reputable company with a long track record of delivering high quality products for weight loss, and long-term maintenance of that lost weight,” Dr. Misra says.

The programs created by Dr. Misra have three different diet plans to help patients at each stage: 2 Week Reset,  Liver Reduction, and Phase 2 Diet. These are designed for pre- and post- weight loss surgery patients, as well as members of the general population who would just like to lose weight, and keep it off. This program offers healthy and great tasting high protein, low carb meal replacements that allow each person to maintain a balanced diet and know that they are receiving the required amount of protein, fiber, and essential minerals for a life of complete nutrition. The available products include:

Protein Drinks

Dr. Misra’s protein drinks taste great, with a light, yet rich and creamy flavor that will leave you feeling satisfied. What makes them even more appealing is that they have 25 vitamins and minerals in each serving including biotin, vitamin B12, and iron. These drinks are low in calories (150 calories/ serving) and have less than 1g of sugar. Since protein is critical, each shake has 27 grams of protein. The powder dissolves very quickly and easily, and all the flavor options help keep patients engaged. Learn more here


Protein Bars

The protein bars taste amazing and do not have a strange aftertaste that most “healthy” protein bars tend to have. They come in your choice of chocolate fudge, or chocolate peanut butter.

Vitamins & Supplements

The chewable multivitamins taste great and are very well absorbed. They come in 3 flavors: Orange Cream, Mixed Berry, and Wild Cherry. Learn more here.

You can also purchase Biotin which helps with hair growth for many patients, as well as Vitamin D3. Studies have shown that bariatric patients can be deficient in Vitamin D, so taking a specially formulated supplement is the best way to combat this risk. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D also promote healing.


Dr. Misra’s products are extremely affordable at around $1.90/serving for the protein drinks and $1.99 each for the protein bars. All the products are available at each of Dr. Misra’s locations Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks, Encino, Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena, and the Marina pharmacy at Marina Del Rey hospital.

You can easily put in a request online for whatever you like, which will be ready for pick up quickly & conveniently.