Nothing is more important to me than the safety, success, and happiness of my patients. Here are a few of their stories.

Thank you to my patients for sharing!
Dr. Misra

“I went to see Dr. Mona Misra a few years back because I, like a lot of people, was struggling with my weight. I looked at several different options, and the lap band seemed like the best solution for me. For a while, it worked great, but….I quit working it and gained weight back.

Fortunately, Dr. Misra’s office is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE! She understands that there is a lot that goes into weight loss and weight loss surgery can be a great tool if we use it. I decided that I wanted to make some positive changes in my life, and guess what? The lap band was STILL THERE FOR ME! Since November 2019 to May 2020, I’ve lost 52 pounds. This has been THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS and THROUGH THE LOCKDOWN!

The lap band has been my partner in weight loss. While the desire to change MUST come from me, the lap band is right there doing its job like a champ.

If weight loss surgery is something you’re contemplating, OR if you HAD weight loss surgery like me but need to get back into the swing of things, Dr. Misra is the one you need to see. She obviously can’t do it FOR you, but she is more than happy to be there WITH you!

I give Dr. Misra a 110% approval rating! Set an appointment and you’ll immediately see what I mean.”

“Meeting Dr. Misra was scary for the first 30 seconds. She was petite and beautiful. How could she not think I was disgusting? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Dr. Misra is one of the kindest and most intelligent people I have ever met. She is warm and informative. The entire staff was amazing through the entire process.” Read Alexandra’s story

“Every appointment I had with her, I felt like she was on my side. She supported me through this journey, and always had kind and encouraging words… Thank you, Dr. Misra, for being an amazing doctor who truly cares about your patients success. I could not have done this without her.” Read Kelli’s story

“We decided to do it together so we could make the lifestyle change together. Meeting Dr Misra was unlike anything I expected… The first time I went shopping and bought a regular size I sat in the dressing room and cried. I am actively living my life now.” Read Lynn & Bang’s story

“I met my husband 5 years ago and he has always told me I am beautiful and I am perfect for him. He would get so frustrated and upset with me when he would hear the horrible things I would say about myself and my weight. He came to me one day with a piece of paper that had a number on it…” Read Isabel’s story

“I feel like a new person. I feel younger and full of life again. There had come a time when I didn’t know how I would make it much longer. Life didn’t look promising and I almost didn’t care. Thank god for Dr. Misra – she saved my life…” Read Lorraine’s story

“Starts out like everyone else I suppose. You wake up one day and ask yourself “do I really want to continue on this path knowing that it’s not the way I went to live my life?” Having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being severely obese (296 pounds), not having any energy and always being tired was taking its toll…” Read James C’s story

“I have to start off by saying Dr. Misra is amazing one of the sweetest caring doctors I have ever met. The first time I met Dr. Misra was at my consultation and right away I felt comfortable with her…” Read Michele’s story

“I want to thank Dr. Misra and Beverly Hills Physicians for changing my life. I was uncomfortable at my heaviest, and shopping was so hard. I wanted to be healthy and confident and feel better about myself. I chose the Gastric Sleeve and have not regretted it one bit!…” Read Kara’s story

“Hello my name is Matthew. I went to meet Dr Misra about weight loss surgery, because I was 299 lbs and I needed help. She was super helpful, as were the office team members. On May 1st 2011 Dr Misra did my Lap Band Surgery and I’ve lost 85 pounds so far…” Read Matthew’s story

“I kept yoyo’ing up and down with my weight, and when I met Dr. Misra my weight was at 291. I knew I had to do something about getting the rest of the weight off. We spoke about my surgical options. I wanted a permanent solutions to my weight issues…” Read Maddy’s story

“I was at a turning point in my life and either needed to accept that I was just going to be overweight the rest of my life or do something about it. I was done with the ups and downs, was so fortunate to have gone to Dr. Misra! I decided on the Lap Band…” Read Janice’s story

“Dr. Misra has been my doctor since August 2011, and she is beyond phenomenal. She truly takes care of her patients. If there is a problem or a concern that I encounter I can always call or e-mail her. Her attention and dedication to each patient is exceptional…” Read Ericka’s story

“Having Dr. Misra as my doctor was the best decision I could have made. I was very unsure of the process and had so many questions. She was extremely patient and comforting to me – her knowledge and tender nature made my experience well worth it. She is top notch! Gratefully, looking good and still working on it!!” D. A.

“There hasn’t been a time when I’ve reached out to Dr. Misra that she wasn’t available to me. My care was and continues to be very important to her. She has impeccable credentials not only as a surgeon but also in bariatrics. Dr. Misra is warm and friendly, with an excellent “bed side manner.” I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a gastric procedure…” Read Sunny’s story

“I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Misra. She answered every single question that I had, and she even anticipated a few questions that I was a bit too embarrassed to ask. Dr. Misra and I had a great rapport from the start which has developed into a fantastic working relationship, even friendship, all focused on my success…” Read Dave’s story

“I had severe diverticulitis and was very fortunate to have been placed under the care of Dr. Mona Misra. She was at all times honest and straight-forward with me. I am truly honored, grateful and extremely thankful for having her as my physician. Quite frankly, Dr. Misra gave me my life back.” Sandra K.

Letter from a patient, shared with permission
Hi Dr. Misra, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. Since our first consultation you have been the most kind and considerate physician I have EVER met. I had no idea the best was yet to come! You not only told me what to expect from the procedure but you followed through with every detail! And you STILL do!!! What an awesome bedside manner you have. I now know from personal experience that you the most skillful and professional surgeon I have ever met. I simply cannot thank you enough. I am so grateful that I found you. You are so much more than just a doctor who performed a procedure on a patient. You have become like a family member or at the very least a family friend. You are the BEST! May God Bless you Always…. Sharon