dr_monamisraDr. Mona Misra is a highly experienced and skilled bariatric and advanced laparoscopic surgeon, who has recently relocated her highly successful practice from Canada to sunny Southern California after a highly competitive recruitment process. “Though advancing quickly, Canada is still years behind the US in realizing that obesity is a disease and that there are several wonderful surgical options available to help those for whom diets have failed. I am by nature a perfectionist. By relocating my practice to Beverly Hills, I can now consistently offer my patients the most advanced, proven technologies to safely and effectively achieve weight loss and correction of their associated illnesses. Fortunately, many of the advances now available to me also enhance the patient’s privacy by allowing nearly scar-less surgery. Though often disregarded as unimportant to the obese patient by many of my colleagues, I find that nearly all my patients care greatly about the final appearance of their scars, when we care enough to ask.”

Dr. Misra has performed over 5,000 bariatric, advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical procedures. Additionally, Dr. Misra has presented research findings at numerous national and international meetings on advanced laparoscopic techniques and metabolic surgery.

Following her formal intensive training in weight loss surgery at the world famous Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Misra returned to Canada and was instrumental in establishing the coordinating Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery in Ontario. As Co-director of the bariatric program at McMaster University, she and her mentor Dr. Anvari were able to decrease wait times for these life-saving procedures from over 8 years, to less than one. Despite this, the Canadian Healthcare System was reluctant to allow patients access to the newer, safer LapBand procedure. Dr. Misra’s strong belief that each patient is an individual and that some procedures are better suited to address a patient’s needs than others, inspired her to establish an innovative path for healthcare in Canada, a private clinic. Dr. Misra served as the Director and Co-Founder of the first private Canadian comprehensive multidisciplinary outpatient weight loss program. Her clinic provided surgical, medical, psychological, nutritional, and fitness programs all in a single free-standing center, designed and built specifically to address the special needs of the bariatric patient. Dr. Mona Misra will always be known as a pioneer in Canadian bariatric surgery.

Dr. Misra is also an experienced educator having performed live tele-surgeries and lecturing to experienced surgeons as well as to surgeons in training. “I find teaching so rewarding, it is always great to give back and mentor my colleagues and the doctors of the future… it also makes sure I am always on the cutting-edge, as they are always asking how and why things work!”

In addition to working at Beverly Hills Physicians, she is on staff at the world famous Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and has individually earned the prestigious designations as a Bariatric Center of Excellence Surgeon and Fellowship of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Misra provides her patients access to the most advanced and highly specialized techniques to treat their disease of obesity in Southern California. Dr. Misra places great emphasis on treating the individual patient. She understands that obesity is a complex disease and each patient may need something just a bit different at each visit to help them achieve their goals safely and permanently. She prides herself in providing compassionate, individualized care. Dr. Misra always gives her undivided attention and takes the time to truly listen to her patients, a trait that is so rarely found in busy surgeons today. She takes the time to explain everything to her patients, in plain English, making them feel special and comfortable with the process that will change and improve their lives forever.