If you are reading this, you have more than likely decided that the lap band procedure is a good idea for you. The next big decision to be made is, which doctor is the right one for you? I was lucky. I found the exact doctor for me after only one interview, and that doctor was Dr. Monali Misra. As a businessowner, time is important, and finding Dr. Misra early in my search certainly saved me time and stress! Sometimes life just breaks your way, and it certainly did in my choice of lap band doctors!

I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Misra because it was obvious that she knew her business, AND she took time to know ME. She answered every single question that I had, and she even anticipated a few questions that I was a bit too embarrassed to ask. I felt from the very start that Dr. Misra and I had a great rapport which has developed into a fantastic working relationship, even friendship, all focused on my success.

Dr. Misra is supported by a fantastic team of professionals who helped me through every step of the way, beginning with insurance and financing. They were totally focused on finding a way for me to make this meaningful step in my life happen. They walked me through all of the steps and cheered me on and cheered me up when I got scared (I admit it, I did get a little scared at times!).

It has been a little over a year since my lap band procedure. Since that time, I have lost about 50 pounds, and I am still losing! I recently had a set of tests done, and my cholesterol is now 165, and my blood sugar is within normal ranges. I still have work to do, but I am confident that I will reach my goals because I still have Dr. Misra and her team cheering me on and urging me forward. I urge you to feel free to ask questions. No question is too “dumb” and no question will make you look “stupid.” Believe me, if it’s an unasked question that is keeping you from taking this vital step in your health journey, it is an important question!

Not that long ago, my eleven year old daughter came up to me to give me a hug. She immediately stepped back and said, “Daddy, I can reach all the way around you when I hug you!” I asked her if she was getting bigger or if I was getting smaller. She said, “I think a little bit of both.” Because I got the lap band, I plan to get many more hugs from my daughter, and every one of them from now on will reach all the way around! Many thanks to Dr. Misra and her team of people dedicated to my success, because MY success is THEIR success! I could not recommend her more highly.