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Details about Diabetes and Weight Loss Surgery

02 Dec

Do you know someone affected by diabetes? With a recent report from the CDC citing that more than 30 million people in the United States now have diabetes (including diagnosed and undiagnosed), chances are you or someone you know has diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent type, accounting for up to 95 percent […]

Understanding the Liver

24 Jun

The human liver doesn’t get much attention, but it is a critical organ. Weighing about 3 pounds, the liver is the largest solid organ in the body. It’s located in the right upper abdomen, below the diaphragm. Even though you probably don’t think about your liver when you think about weight loss, the liver has […]

Weight is Related to Fertility for Both Parents

10 Feb
pregnancy, fertility

Did you know that achieving a healthy body weight can not only reduce the risks of serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, but it may help reduce the time it takes to achieve pregnancy? Primarily, studies have so far focused on the role of obesity in women when studying its […]